Emi Kamemoto

Manager of Team Projects

Emi is just interesting! Originally from Washington by way of Japan, she’s spent much of her career deep in Washington politics, working on Congressional relations for the Japanese Embassy. She spends most of her out-of-office hours mentoring the young Japanese American professional youth and believe it or not, she is a great lover of SPAM (yes, the luncheon meat). But beyond her exotic taste in food and her eclectic cultural and professional background, Emi is the grease that keeps the IP cogs turning. If it weren’t for Emi, our founder and Managing Director would be of little use to us, our creative office space would be a blank canvas, and our ability to commune and foster the rare and precious internal culture we all hold so dear, and attribute to much of our success, would be nearly impossible to maintain. Needless to say, Emi is essential. Could we survive without her? Maybe. But it wouldn’t be pretty.

Emi received her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Development Economics from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

“Leadership is taking responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in face of uncertainty”

MARSHALL GANZ, Professor, Harvard University