The Diocese of Orange is one of the largest Catholic communities in the world—comprised of vast amounts of parishes, programs, services, sub-entities and parishioners. The Diocese of Orange recently purchased the Crystal Cathedral, one of the most significant non-Catholic sites of worship in the modern era and needed to communicate how it would fit with the vision for the community.


At their core parishes, ministries and schools had historically communicated autonomously and did not have a cohesive understanding of what the ‘Diocese’ was and how the governing foundation fit in. There were very diluted and disconnected communications, understandings and alignment due to the lack of a central narrative.


Complete rebrand program from deep research to repositioning and new verbal and visual brand systems built around a compelling and simple core of being on a journey of faith together that all audiences could relate to. Clarity was brought to the architecture of ministries, departments and services. Our continued support comes in the form of the design and development of 5 unique websites, various brochures, presentations and templates, and continued brand management support.