Founded in 1997, Ixia is a publicly traded network testing company that provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses’ physical and virtual networks. (aka, they test and secure networks).

After acquiring multiple companies and technologies, Ixia needed to redefine their complete brand verbal and visual system, and clearly articulate their offerings in a way that multiple audiences, both tech-savvy and not, could appreciate and understand.


Ixia’s primary challenge was integrating their many acquisitions into a unified, cohesive brand. The new offerings and capabilities that Ixia acquired redefined the category and produced a comprehensive network testing solution that didn’t yet exist in the market – we needed to figure out how to communicate this new capability in a compelling, understandable way. Ixia was communicating to new markets and audiences that had never before thought about network testing.


We positioned Ixia to refocus on what audiences cared about and connected to most; taking the guesswork out of the reliability of their network. By organizing their portfolio of offerings and acquisitions in a way that was intuitive, we were able to celebrate each piece of the puzzle.

Redesigned their visual system to breathe new life into a company that was shifting the way we think about network visibility. Aligned employees at Ixia’s Marketing Summit to ensure they were able to articulate the brand promise and communicate it consistently.