Sasha Strauss

Sasha Strauss speaks from two decades of experience in brand strategy and brand development for corporations, nonprofit organizations, philanthropies and universities. His unique and proven perspective on how brands should be built and communicated is the foundation for his educational pedagogy and Innovation Protocol’s approach to brand development.

In addition to teaching graduate brand strategy and marketing courses as USC and UCLA, Sasha is a trusted keynote speaker for companies like Google, Nestle, LEGO and American Express. His ability to inculcate brand truth is the reason NPR, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal seek his perspective as a brand authority on topics related to market dynamics, culture, and innovation.



This is an unprecedented era in the history of communication. Widespread adoption of digital communications and social media has resulted in a cacophonous explosion of content. In our New Normal, organizations have a choice to make: be heard and remembered, or be silent and forgotten.

This seminar discusses how a confluence of technologies, global consumer psychology, and the evolving business climate have given birth to a communication revolution. Everything will be on the table, from why social media is now discussed in the boardroom to how B2B organizations use brand strategy to get the most out of their employees.


A rich introduction to all things branding—from naming and brand architecture to visual design and brand extension. We’ll look at why brands matter, who they matter to, and how you can build them into your marketing, advertising and public relations strategies. A great start for professional communicators or those simply interested in brand strategy.


Products are brands. Services are brands. And yes, people are brands. You are your own brand steward—you decide who you matter to and why. You control how you’re perceived by those you know and those you’ve yet to meet.

During this session, we’ll discuss how branding applies to individuals and how you can build your own, personal, influential identity.


As the internet brought the world closer together, governments supported by tourism revenue took a bold stance—they defined how they were to be known and spent money telling travelers worldwide why their land should be a destination.

Well, it worked for a little while, but now almost all tourism economies advertise their stories. Destination branding isn’t nation branding though. Destination branding is marketing on behalf of a single industry: tourism. Nations deserve an identity that’s unique and inclusive, built for both those beyond their borders and for those living within them. National identity brings people together, sets the stage for international discourse, and encourages trade with like-minded nations worldwide. In this session we will discuss how and why to brand a nation.


Branding isn’t just confined to the consumer goods and services industry. Now, more than ever, branding is vital to B2B companies. In fact, some of the strongest brands are in the B2B sector—firms such as Cisco Systems, Intel, SAP, GE, and Texas Instruments have consistently been ranked among the top brands in the world. Such companies are challenging the perception that B2B companies must have serious, restrained personalities.

We’ll show you how to use branding to make your firm the easy choice for customers navigating infinitely long lists of potential suppliers. This session is for B2B companies looking to differentiate themselves with unique, compelling identities that give birth to lasting customer relationships.


Your grandmother’s on Facebook. You got a job offer from a friend of your ex-ex-boss through LinkedIn. You stayed up on small town politics through Twitter. There’s no way around it—social media is here to stay. It’s not only the communication medium of choice; it’s the connector of global consumers. Product enthusiasts in Japan are sharing how-to videos with pen pals in Italy. Gamers build global clans of fellow players, unified by their digital identities alone. Teachers assign homework via Twitter and big brands have successfully managed crises exclusively through social media communications.

This seminar will discuss where brands fit in the world of social media culture. We’ll talk about each of the channels, success stories within each one as well as some must-do practices for marketers looking to leverage social media as promotional venue. Facebookers and skeptics alike will enjoy this timely session.


Startups can be sexy, but they can also be extremely stressful. They require a very calculated and timely brand strategy—too much too soon screams superficial, too little too late results in missed growth opportunities. The seminar will discuss the development process of all startups, successful strategies for each stage of growth as well as successful case studies where branding helped to build startups into iconic brands.

This session is right for any startup leader, entrepreneur, venture capital investor, and anyone else intrigued by the fascinating world of startups.


While nonprofit branding tends to be the most challenging, it is also the most rewarding. Typically, nonprofits have limited marketing budgets, limited staff and limited resources. While faced with challenges, nonprofits require successful branding in order to be sustainable. The Susan G. Komen Foundation, Share our Strength, Product (RED)—these organizations found their way to fame and funding through strong, creative and consumer-centric branding.

This seminar will share proven techniques for defining, articulating and promoting a nonprofit brand. We’ll explore case studies exemplifying how to successfully engage and retain staff, volunteers and donors to ensure long-term success. From volunteers to board members, this session is perfect for all those involved in the nonprofit sector.

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Jeremy A. Tucker

Jeremy A. Tucker is the Director of Brand Strategy at Innovation Protocol and heads east coast operations based in New York, New York. From fast-paced start-ups to complex multinationals and Fortune top 10 companies, Jeremy helps organizations rethink and redefine how they build a corporate brand strategy that aligns critical business objectives with innovative audience engagement successes. Jeremy pulls from organizational development and corporate brand strategy experience ranging over 11 years advising clients such as Google, Disney, ADP, Callaway Golf, Sony, Qualcomm, Pfizer, Amgen, Warner Brothers, University of Phoenix, USC, and many others.

Jeremy combines an academic and real-life perspective with a personal and candid style to break down brand strategy best practices as a regular lecturer and presenter on brand strategy, speaking at USC, UCLA, UCI and Drucker graduate schools of business, at several national leadership associations, and on NPR. Jeremy has a background in psychology, biology, organizational development and consumer behavior, and received his MBA from UC Irvine in brand, marketing and business strategy.


  • Brand Strategy Basics
  • Building a Personal Brand Strategy
  • Brand Strategy Innovation
  • Building Corporate Culture
  • Connecting Business and Brand
  • Building a Career in Brand Strategy
  • Brand Strategies for Students
  • Executive Personal Brand Strategy

Jon Cohen

Jon Cohen is Vice President and General Manager of Innovation Protocol where he oversees the firm’s business operations and provides strategic guidance for brand development projects.  Jon has an extensive background in finance, brand management and brand strategy, including a wide range of brand strategy initiatives and 4 years managing the global Disney brand at the Walt Disney Company.  Jon has additional expertise in market research (both quantitative and qualitative), with an emphasis on brand research.  Jon holds a BS from UC-Irvine, and a MBA from the UCLA Anderson School.


  • Brand Strategy Basics
  • Brand Management
  • Branding in the Entertainment Industry
  • Brand Research
  • Personal Branding

Matthew Müller

Matthew Müller is an Associate Creative Director at Innovation Protocol. In this role, Matthew leads the IP design team in creating engaging and business-smart visual systems and identities for organizations large and small. Over ten years of design experience on both sides of the client relationship has given Matthew insights on brand that he passionately speaks about at institutions like the USC Business and Communications graduate school and professional design organizations like AIGA. Matthew has a background in several areas of art including music and painting. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design from Otis College of Art and Design.


  • Graphic Design 101
  • Logo: A History of Marks and Symbology
  • Finding your Design Voice


"He exudes positive energy that seems to just reverberate throughout the room. In fact, I think it was the first time we have had a speaker receive a standing ovation."

− Leslee Gaul // Director, National Travel Conference

"We hosted 400 CEOs and CMOs from top companies (Coca-Cola, Samsung, Loreal, P&G, Unilever, GM, Ford, etc.) Attendees were inspired with innovative thoughts on the new digital global tendencies and the future of online advertising and communications. 100% of attendees considered Sasha’s conference great."

− Victoria Santos // Product Executive, Fortune 100 Technology Company

"Not only was Sasha our highest rated speaker that year, but he is the highest rated speaker in the history of the Secret Service Summit. He has an incredible style that keeps you both entertained while feverishly writing down incredible takeaways."

− John DiJulius // President, International Marketing Conference

"Sasha's speeches are some of the most popular that we offer to our MBA students and are always some of the best attended events that we have. Sasha is a natural and gifted presenter and public speaker with an extraordinary ability to engage with an audience and hold their attention. He has a great sense of humor, terrific timing and delivery, very solid and thought-provoking content."

− Susan Dearing // Executive Director, Leading MBA Program

"A combination of subject matter mastery and a honed speaking style, make Sasha Strauss one of the most effective and powerful speakers you will ever see. His presentations are exciting, thought provoking, and engaging. He is often the highlight of the events I have planned and attended, which he has spoken at with the likes of Magic Johnson, Biz Stone, and John Paul Dejoria."

− Amir Tehrani // CEO, National Apparel Company

"With contagious enthusiasm, he inspired companies to think differently about how they brand by setting out a clear framework and weaving in unique industry examples."

− Think Google Brand Summit