We helped a health care supply chain company rename and find its stand-out story.


RiseNow is a premier consulting firm that helps health organizations maximize their supply chain efficiency. The company was born as a spinoff from its larger parent firm to take advantage of its specialized focus in healthcare.

As a newly formed company, RiseNow had ambitious growth objectives, and needed to quickly articulate its value to its audience. RiseNow worked with us to uncover a unique brand story, name and identity that would propel its growth.


During our rapid research process, we learned that supply chain deficiencies had become the status-quo, leading to desperately squeezed operating margins in health care.

Frustrated business leaders were looking to their enterprise system vendors to help fix their problems.  All they encountered were complex technical options with no human face.  We identified RiseNow’s most valuable resource in its agile and taskforce-like team.


We created a focused brand positioning and new company name, RiseNow, to speak to its impact on clients, a verbal system and messaging framework to direct its communications, and a visual system and logo to bring its story to life.

We created a new website and offering-level messaging to showcase and deliver RiseNow’s new brand story.


At the start of our work, RiseNow supported clients without a clear name and identity.  It has now taken a bolder, more visionary stance in the market while synchronizing internal teams and conveying a clear direction for the organization as a whole.

Track Distillery

We helped name and launch a new offering for a leading commercial music production company.


Megatrax was established in 1991 as an independent music production resource for television networks. Since then, the organization expanded to provide custom-produced, exclusive music for feature films, trailers, TV shows, commercials, promos, presentations, webcasts, and podcasts.

MegaTrax had traditionally produced technically complex music, but as demand grew for simpler tracks, new competitors entered its market. To remain competitive, MegaTrax developed a new collection of minimalist tracks.

In order to help current customers understand this new offering, MegaTrax needed a name and tagline to capture the essence of the new catalogue.


Through our discovery we identified competitors with similar offerings, and found that the names of these offerings were descriptive and highly functional. We determined that a more evocative name and tagline would help differentiate the catalogue, and also generate excitement and interest for the new offering.


We developed a new name and tagline to capture the essence of this offering in a catchy and compelling way.

With an exciting new direction, we then developed logo options and an animated video to introduce the new catalog to the world.  Then came a brand story, storyboards, and a custom music track for the final video.


We helped a 100+ year old organization relate to a new generation of legal professionals.


Since 1878, the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) has served legal professionals with career, education, and service offerings. With over 24,000 members, the association grew into one of the largest in the nation.

Over the last 30 years, the legal profession has become accessible to a broader talent base, with different needs than their predecessors.   Younger lawyers did not understand how LACBA membership could benefit them, and the working stresses in the legal profession left little time to participate in community programs.  As a result, LACBA’s membership was in decline despite an exponential growth in the number of legal professionals.

LACBA needed to identify the organization’s value for a new generation of legal professionals.


The organization’s primary benefit was no longer its information offerings.  LACBA’s primary benefit has become the network it provides for lawyers, judges, academics, and law students to connect with each other.  We helped LACBA realize that its brand is about the collective talents, knowledge, and voice of the people it enables to drive change in the legal community.


We reorganized LACBA’s portfolio to align with audience need rather than content type. We then repositioned the association around the diversity and strengths of its community of legal professionals.

Built on the new brand positioning, we developed a visual system that differentiated LACBA from newer competitive legal associations. The visual system was designed specifically to appeal to younger attorneys, and came to life in a new website, internal signage, communications tools, and marketing assets.


The LACBA brand system has been implemented throughout the organization and has become an integral part of board member and employee onboarding.


We helped a tech innovator continue to protect the entertainment industry.


For over 20 years, Verance has been developing technologies to protect, measure, and enhance premium content for the entertainment industry. Its flagship product, Cinavia®, became a global standard for protecting filmed entertainment content on physical media.  However, Blu-ray and DVD ownership began to decline, and the protection of premium content on physical media was no longer enough for the company to survive.

In order to support its legacy Cinavia product while pursuing growth in new technology solutions, Verance needed to migrate to a portfolio of offerings and clarify its brand position.


Verance’s technologies were getting lost in tech-speak, making it hard for audiences to find and understand its offerings. Rather than explaining highly technical features, Verance needed to communicate high-value benefits that non-technical executives could grasp and celebrate.

Verance needed to delineate itself from its products.  By elevating the positioning of the company to industry thought leader, most communications could then focus on high-level client opportunities – migrating complex technical language down into the portfolio.


We recommended building an ingredient brand, like Dolby Digital or Gore-Tex.  We developed a strategy centered on this concept, with new messaging directions and communications materials to address key market segments.

We also created a comprehensive visual system and logo to infuse the brand with a look and feel that aligned with the new brand position. Brand guidelines ensured the organization’s consistent application of the brand system.


Armed with updated verbal and visual brand systems, Verance activated new marketing efforts ranging from a new website and animated videos to corporate presentations and a trade show booth.  With its new master brand, Verance has the flexibility to extend its capabilities beyond its core industry.

Conqur Endurance Group

Bringing clarity and purpose to a growing brand portfolio of athletic events.

Conqur Endurance Group Logo


A subsidiary of McCourt Global, LA Marathon LLC is an organization that produces running events throughout Southern California including the Los Angeles Marathon, the Santa Monica Classic, and the U.S. Marathon Olympic Team Trials.

Since the corporate brand shared the same name as its most well-known event, it was difficult for audiences to understand that the organization was more than just the Los Angeles Marathon. As a result, audience recognition remained stagnant and the organization struggled to grow its portfolio through new partnerships and sponsorships. The organization needed to elevate its identity above its signature events.


Our branding engagement began with in-depth field research into the experience of LA Marathon LLC’s events – attending, cheering, and even participating. At these events, we also conducted qualitative interviews and learned that the act of running wasn’t what unified participants, sponsors and supporters.  Rather they were united by the feeling of individual grit and mutual support that comes with endurance.


To put the spirit of endurance at the forefront of the brand, we renamed LA Marathon LLC as Conqur Endurance Group. The new name was supported by a new visual identity, website design, and brand messaging platform based on the tagline and rallying cry, “Triumph in Motion,” which encouraged participants, partners, and the brand itself to use endurance as a channel for inspiration, training, and celebrating human connection.