Alex Bornoff

Associate Director, Brand Development

In the early days of Innovation Protocol, there was a dream, and Alex. As our first fulltime ‘Brand Strategist’ more than a decade ago, Alex has seen our company birth and boom. She now manages IP’s operations in Northern California, where her grit, multi-tasking skills, thick skin, and ruthless work ethic drive some of our most technical clients. Her strength was born in the kitchens where she used to cook for 12 years as a professional chef, where after marcom leadership roles and graduate school, her brand savvy was born.

After running more than 50 brand programs across sectors, Alex’s deep thinking in B2B brand strategy, internal branding, enterprise software, and complex large scale re-brands is virtually unparalleled. Alex is both an inspiring businesswoman and a loving mother and wife.

Originally from Los Angeles, now residing in Oakland, CA, Alex studied liberal arts, communications and rhetorical theory at San Francisco State University, and received her Masters from USC’s Annenberg School of Communication in Organizational Corporate Communication.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

PRESIDENT BARTLET, (The amazing TV Show, Westwing)