Jon Cohen

President and COO

It’s hard being IP’s General Manager. Jon’s sharp business acumen was honed at some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Disney, Dole, and PIMCO. He’s been a senior consultant for KPMG and Siegel & Gale. He has a BS from UCI and an MBA from UCLA. There is little about business and brand Jon hasn’t had deep, hands on experience with, but running the business of IP, that may be one for the record books. Not only is Jon tasked with managing our finances, heading our HR, acting as our legal liaison, and running IT and infrastructure, he also has the back breaking task of overseeing all of IP’s talent, growing us, mentoring us, and being the one we turn to on our best day and most certainly our worst. This is to say nothing of his responsibilities and striking skill at leading many of our large scale brand strategy projects and heading our brand research department.

To say he’s a man of many talents is surely an understatement. But more impressive than his resume is his heart, which makes an already challenging job, also a selfless one.