BPS Supply Group

We helped an industrial distributor redefine the importance of infrastructure.


Bakersfield Pipe and Supply (BPS) is the largest independent supply company in the Western United States, distributing pipes, valves, fittings, and equipment across a range of industries.

Initially, BPS exclusively served the needs of the oil and gas industry in Bakersfield, California. The volatile nature of the oil and gas market led BPS to target new industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and construction, as well as expand their geographic presence to better serve their new client base. By 2016, BPS had 22 locations, and needed the industry to recognize them as a national provider, not the local servicer they once were.


A deep dive into BPS’ key industries and competitor trends, extensive stakeholder interviews, and numerous on-site facility experience audits revealed a unique opportunity to rethink their legacy identity and communications strategy to effectively represent who they are today. The BPS name was a significant barrier to building an accurate understanding of their scale and reach. The name anchored the business to a specific geographic region, implying a much smaller-scale operation than the organization was in reality. This negatively impacted customers’ understanding about who BPS was and the value they could deliver.
Our conversations with executives, employees, and customers uncovered that the true value of BPS’ services extended far beyond the products they supply and into the lasting connections they create. Through infrastructure and a range of industrial applications, BPS is making health, safety, and prosperity possible across the country.


Our findings led us to develop a new approach to communicate the BPS brand and provide clarification surrounding the name through the tagline: Better Possibilities Start with BPS. This re-articulation of the BPS brand establishes the organization as more than a distributor of pipes and fittings, but rather a foundation-builder bridging divides and creating thriving communities.
To support the new brand communications, we developed a new vision, mission, and values to inspire the organization about the redefined direction for the brand. We also established the name “BPS Supply Group” to acknowledge the independent yet collaborative nature of the branch leaders and their respective staff.