Enterprise Singapore

Deliver tools and strategies to help expand the global presence of Singaporean businesses via a Brand Storytelling Masterclass

The Brand Masterclass Course

Enterprise Singapore is a Singaporean government agency that champions enterprise development for Singaporean brands. Their focus is on expanding the global presence of Singaporean businesses.

The Singapore government identified a diverse group of prominent business leaders, and asked IP to develop a one-week course on how to build strong brand stories. Their specific priorities were growing business value beyond products and services, communicating intergenerationally, maintaining a consistent story across markets and borders, and using digital channels to scale messaging efficiently.

With these priorities, we developed the five-day Brand Storytelling Masterclass. The content was developed to be cumulative, and was built upon 5 full-day modules.

This high-energy course combined classroom instruction, in-depth case studies, live workshop activities, 1-on-1 consulting sessions, and insightful site visits with senior business executives at some of the leading brands in Los Angeles.

The Outcome

At course completion, attendees were asked to share learnings, and to present their plans of action for building more compelling brand stories upon their return to Singapore.  They had developed visions for their businesses that would excite their teams to join them on a new mission, compel customers to believe in them, and encourage their leadership teams to reset the foundational directions of their businesses and brands.

This course was not designed to deliver a template for brand storytelling. Instead, attendees left the Brand Storytelling Masterclass with the tools, strategies, and guidance needed to evolve their businesses in an informed, authentic way – with passion and purpose.