Track Distillery

We helped name and launch a new offering for a leading commercial music production company.


Megatrax was established in 1991 as an independent music production resource for television networks. Since then, the organization expanded to provide custom-produced, exclusive music for feature films, trailers, TV shows, commercials, promos, presentations, webcasts, and podcasts.

MegaTrax had traditionally produced technically complex music, but as demand grew for simpler tracks, new competitors entered its market. To remain competitive, MegaTrax developed a new collection of minimalist tracks.

In order to help current customers understand this new offering, MegaTrax needed a name and tagline to capture the essence of the new catalogue.


Through our discovery we identified competitors with similar offerings, and found that the names of these offerings were descriptive and highly functional. We determined that a more evocative name and tagline would help differentiate the catalogue, and also generate excitement and interest for the new offering.


We developed a new name and tagline to capture the essence of this offering in a catchy and compelling way.

With an exciting new direction, we then developed logo options and an animated video to introduce the new catalog to the world.  Then came a brand story, storyboards, and a custom music track for the final video.