Notre Dame

We helped a world-renowned university manage its most iconic symbols.


Notre Dame is a university with a rich history and esteemed athletics program. With numerous stakeholders – students, athletes, alumni, coaches and fans– the Notre Dame Athletics brand has numerous impassioned audiences that all care deeply about the success of the “Fighting Irish”.

Notre Dame Athletics was managing a portfolio of invaluable brand assets without brand guidelines and standards. This confused decisions such as which assets to use on its hallowed football field and helmets. The lack of guidelines made decisions inefficient, inconsistent, and political.


We identified current associations and opinions of each brand asset. For example, there were multiple iterations of the Notre Dame monogram – the strongest identifier of the athletics program.

Notre Dame Athletics needed an asset hierarchy and structure, as well as a strategy to ensure consistent application of the brand system.


We developed comprehensive brand guidelines for internal and external stakeholders.  This framework included profiles for each visual element, including color, typography, mascots, graphics, slogans, and use cases.

We also rebuilt the Notre Dame monogram to ensure that this primary mark is used consistently inside and outside the university.