We helped a health care supply chain company rename and find its stand-out story.


RiseNow is a premier consulting firm that helps health organizations maximize their supply chain efficiency. The company was born as a spinoff from its larger parent firm to take advantage of its specialized focus in healthcare.

As a newly formed company, RiseNow had ambitious growth objectives, and needed to quickly articulate its value to its audience. RiseNow worked with us to uncover a unique brand story, name and identity that would propel its growth.


During our rapid research process, we learned that supply chain deficiencies had become the status-quo, leading to desperately squeezed operating margins in health care.

Frustrated business leaders were looking to their enterprise system vendors to help fix their problems.  All they encountered were complex technical options with no human face.  We identified RiseNow’s most valuable resource in its agile and taskforce-like team.


We created a focused brand positioning and new company name, RiseNow, to speak to its impact on clients, a verbal system and messaging framework to direct its communications, and a visual system and logo to bring its story to life.

We created a new website and offering-level messaging to showcase and deliver RiseNow’s new brand story.


At the start of our work, RiseNow supported clients without a clear name and identity.  It has now taken a bolder, more visionary stance in the market while synchronizing internal teams and conveying a clear direction for the organization as a whole.