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Intelligent Business Demands

Innovation Protocol

Intelligent Business Demands


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    Intelligent Business Demands


    Brand Strategy and Design for Intelligent Brands

    Whether launching or relaunching products, business units, or whole business categories, there’s a protocol for doing it intelligently. Intelligent brands are built to work hard and we work hard to build intelligent brands. That means brands that fill gaps, answer tough questions, inspire innovation, and intrigue skeptics with verbal and visual systems that clarify as they amplify.

    Innovation Protocol Brand Strategy

    IP is full-stack counsel for brand examination, construction, activation, and endurance. Our work is defined by business strategy and designed to engage talent and customers with timely, relevant experiences that fit.

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    How We Collaborate to Transform

    Brand building takes experience and grace — after all, your employees and customers are busy doing their own work, why should they be distracted by yours? Intelligent brands are designed to add value to each audience, not just inform them.

    • Data-centric insight gathering, purpose built to optimize further brand investments. Crack competition, read customers, and forecast categories with deep dive analysis and reporting.

    • Position your organization to pursue a big Vision while tightly tracking against a tangible Mission. Use Values to translate brand beliefs into human behaviors, and Personality and Messaging to complete the story. Round out the system with Brand Architecture and Naming to imprint the brand on assets and in environments.

    • Humans are visual creatures. Develop graphics, imagery, typography, and iconography to create a strategic identity and visual system that underscores your brand’s personality and brings it to life for customers across channels.

    • Leverage the brand system to elevate the whole organization. Punch-up pitch presentations, turn on tradeshow experiences, supercharge executive dialogues, and empower staff to actuate the brand through Brand Guidelines, Brand Alignment & Training, and Brand Templates.

    • Give the brand space to move with Motion Graphics, Video, and Visual Experiences that add color while they captivate. From short-form assets that pop to long-form clips tuned to tell big stories, animate and activate your brand with cinematic video. Keep your audiences engaged for the long haul with content, visual experiences, and features that meaningfully connect to their daily lives.

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    At IP, brand strategy is about everything from a brand’s personality, to visual expression, to fundamental transformation. We approach brand and business challenges with rigor, focus, and curiosity. We revise, rethink, and reconceptualize. We love to ask, “What if we looked at this in a completely different way?” We help clients to define and own a distinct and powerful brand, aligning with business goals, inspiring audiences, and shaping industries.

    Innovation Protocol Brand Strategy

    Learn more about how we’ve delivered innovative and impactful solutions to some of today’s most complex brand challenges.

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