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Intelligent Business Demands

Innovation Protocol

Intelligent Business Demands


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    Intelligent Business Demands


    Brand Strategy and Design for Intelligent Brands

    Brands are powerful business tools for navigating change and aligning organizational decision-making.

    Our research-focus defines how we form an organization’s identity. We dive deep into industries and engage cross-functional audiences to underpin our brand answers. This rigor ensures brand impact that inspires trust, seizes opportunity, and grows business.

    Innovation Protocol Brand Strategy

    We build Intelligent Brands— purpose built brand systems designed for business goals.

    Intelligent Brands endure for decades, not days.

    Our Services

    How We Collaborate to Transform

    We are a management consulting firm that works with leaders to strategically define organizational identities. Our brand strategy consultants deliver “Intelligent Brands” for businesses, non-profits, academic institutions, and faiths. Intelligent Brands are strategic assets designed to advance business goals.

    How we make brands that last: we immerse ourselves in industry content and conferences, effectively becoming “of the category” so that we empathetically can craft brand answers that are effective and endearing, with the mojo to drive organizational advancement for years to come.

    • Teaching brand strategy is at the core of who we are. We’re dedicated to making brand education accessible and inspiring across cohorts and continents. Through both in-person and virtual formats, we speak on brand with audiences ranging from executive leaders to MBA students every month.

    • Our approach is built to inform and optimize brand investment. Starting with competitive insights, customer behaviors, and market trends, we translate data into brand growth guidance.

    • Intelligent Brands catalyze organizational alignment and boost business performance. We start with a thorough exploration of your market and audiences, enabling us to pinpoint an authentic and strategic position for your brand. We then develop a comprehensive Brand System that articulates your brand, translating ideas into actions that engage employees and customers. From meticulously organizing your portfolio to consistently sharing a refined identity with the world – craft every aspect of your brand for strategic success.

    • Intelligent Brands demand visual identities that sustain audience attention, reinforcing their story and value across interactions and channels. We craft visual systems that serve as potent communication assets, keeping your audiences intrigued for the long-haul with content and experiences that meaningfully connect to their daily lives. We produce visual systems that are intuitive and user-friendly, empowering your teams to apply the visual aspects of the brand confidently and consistently.

    • We equip your employees and partners with the knowledge and capabilities to confidently deploy the brand strategy across channels, environments, and experiences -- ensuring it makes a powerful impression in pitch presentations, tradeshow exhibits, executive dialogues, sales strategies, product (re)launches, company events, and beyond.

    Our Work

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    We help clients define and own a distinct and powerful brand that aligns with business goals, inspires audiences, and shapes industry. We approach brand and business challenges with rigor and curiosity.

    Innovation Protocol Brand Strategy

    Learn more about how we’ve delivered enduring answers to some of today’s most complex brand challenges.

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