Innovation Protocol is a
full-service strategic brand
consulting and design firm.

What is your brand challenge?

Define the optimal brand strategy for our organization

Create a new visual identity

Drive employee culture and engagement

Build sales and marketing tools that have impact

Create videos that celebrate what we do

Develop a website that reflects who we are now

Name new products and services

Measure brand perception and the impact of brand investments

Organize our product/service portfolio

Attract and retain investors

Make B2B audiences care

Make a mark at tradeshows


Is Branding Important for Non-Profit Organizations?

By Stacey Chapper
Find out what branding means for non-profit organizations, and how it can be used to engage the right audiences.

Understanding the Direct-To-Consumer Market

By Jamie Sperling
From business model to powerhouse brands, how are companies making an impact in today's market.