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    Honoring Legacy While Moving the Business Forward

    Reimagining and redefining your company’s brand

    Reimagining and redefining your company’s brand can be empowering and enjoyable, but also a very vulnerable experience. Many clients, especially those who have been in business for generations, express a fear that evolving their brand will alienate existing customers.  

    Change can be exciting and uncomfortable. Brand development should never be an exercise in abandoning your legacy, absent a PR crisis that necessitates such a drastic approach. Durable brands require a balance between honoring the past while allowing the brand to grow into its future potential.  Defining the brand requires a strategic approach built on a deep understanding of the unique characteristics of the competitive ecosystem, the company, and the competition. 

    Manufacturing is a prime example of an industry with enduring legacy companies feeling pressure to modernize. During our partnership with Custom Pipe & Fabrication Inc., a national water pipe manufacturing company established over 50 years ago, we faced this pressure. With a rich legacy, they’ve cultivated relationships that have spanned decades. And while they wanted to be seen as modern, they also wanted to nurture and retain the current customer base. 

    Through careful research, we discovered a core company truth, recognizable and attractive to both their current and potential customers. Custom Pipe is not just a pipe manufacturer, they are experts in creating connected ecosystems. This is their legacy, their present operation, and their guidepost for leadership into the future. Custom Pipe needed to own their legacy as playing an undeniable role securing society’s foundation for our greatest resource, water.  

    As experts in connection, they transform raw materials into vital systems to transport water from point A to point B. Along with refined language, we refreshed their visual system to reflect precision, sophistication, experience, and approachability – all core components of who they are as a company.  

    At Innovation Protocol, we uncover and illuminate the real reasons why customers keep coming back and what makes your company truly special. Codifying a value system will allow both your core and target audiences to understand who you are today, where you’re headed, and why you matter to the world.