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    Megatrax is the leading independent production music library, providing scores for film, TV, commercials, and other entertainment content. Megatrax’s music library and in-house produced sounds are experienced by millions of people annually, with the company serving as a consistent creative partner to the advertising and entertainment industries for over 30 years.

    Due to widespread consolidation and industry shifts in the music production space, with major entertainment industry content creators such as Hulu and Netflix boasting their own in-house music production arms, Megatrax needed to refresh to stay an industry leader while capitalizing on their ability to deliver audio that fits every mood and audience no matter what the production. Prior to our work, the Megatrax brand had been constructed piecemeal over its entire existence, leading to a confusing brand story and visual identity. Each department within Megatrax communicated their offerings in different, sometimes conflicting ways. Megatrax’s leadership also knew that a user-friendly and accessible digital presence was crucial to their survival; interpersonal customer service had underpinned their working relationships for years, but couldn’t scale to support their goals to scale and support global creatives.


    Megatrax had deep relationships across the entertainment and advertising industries—and while customers loved the dedicated service and quality of tracks, Megatrax’s lack of brand consistency throughout its user experience impeded even satisfied customers’ ability to advocate for them as a priority option. In addition, there was an under-celebrated custom music creation service at Megatrax that rivaled huge conglomerate backed competitors, and wasn’t getting the traction it deserved due to a lack of awareness. IP also noted that Megatrax’s website posed a serious obstacle to the company’s ability to be taken seriously in the industry: it wasn’t mobile-optimized, searching was cumbersome, and the overall navigation and categorization was not intuitive. While customers cherished Megatrax’s library depth and legacy, new customers were unable to engage with the brand in any meaningful way.

    We saw a unique opportunity to elevate the Megatrax brand by leaning into a playfully cocky, proud, attitude-driven experience: unapologetically celebrating their deep relationship with the content creators of the world. We developed all new verbal systems, conveying the expertise, quality, and service that customers receive in a way that was entirely fresh. We leveraged the idea of greatness through simplicity, and our visual system deeply reinforced this position: minimal, bold, and confident, with a broad color and visual palette featuring striking images and symbolism that alluded to music styles and traditional recording devices. We even partnered with an experienced digital music library platform developer to create a new site from the ground up that allowed for easy audio search and discovery via an intuitive UI/UX.

    Megatrax’s new brand signaled to the industry that the leading independent music library was here to stay and was charting a new path for the sector. The new brand visuals and story created the cohesive experience the brand had lacked, while aligning the workforce around a common voice. The redesigned website provided a completely user-guided, personalized experience, which opened up entirely new sales opportunities. The Megatrax re-brand also allowed their team to explore new markets and while also reigniting conversations that their old brand had slowed.