Jody Menerey

Director, Client Partnerships

A passion for people that is evident at exposure 1.0, there’s no stopping the Jody train from sourcing everything that can help someone be their best. It’s why, family or client, you know when Jody’s on your track. From start-ups to internationals teams, she asks the right questions to tackle any organizational initiative. Whether it was helping tech startups grow business and talent from the ground up, or facilitating a South American government’s implementation of major strategic programs, now Jody uses her career and her kindness to help structure all of IP’s client partnerships.

Jody is a foody – the kind you love. Jody gives recommendations of places to go and cuisines that will bring revolutionary change to your food preferences, maybe it’s because she’s East, Mid, and West-coast cultured.  Originally from Connecticut of New York parents, seasoned/educated in Michigan, and “perfected” in Los Angeles, Jody received her BA from the University of Michigan, her MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped.