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    Centura is one of the nation’s largest faith-based hospital systems, operating out of Colorado and Kansas via more than 25 hospitals and medical facilities.

    Centura was going through rapid expansion, both building and buying additional hospitals to serve the growing populations in the region. The executive team asked IP to construct an identity that could scale with the growth. Amidst the expansion, their 21,000 caregivers felt disconnected, and craved clarity around their collective purpose and market position. Centura had low brand awareness due to minimal community engagement to date, and had suffered internal confusion because of a marketing campaign that didn’t align with the workforce’s view of the organization.

    Centura needed to reconcile differing perspectives across their array of stakeholders while pulling them together around a common cause. Centura’s various operating entities were attached to the organization’s 100-year-old faith-based legacy, but audiences demanded a more contemporary approach to healthcare in order to attract a new generation of patients and staff.

    IP began by facilitating interviews and focus groups at 18 of the hospital facilities, including over 250 stakeholder conversations, along with numerous executive roundtables, as well as an end-to-end audit of the region’s healthcare marketplace. We leveraged the health system’s faith-based traditions in a way that celebrated a continuum of community concern that has only grown stronger since founding—healthcare delivered by people on a mission to provide whole-person care and build communities. From the founding mission, to each caregiver’s individual mission today, this authentic brand identity invited all constituents to the conversation. This unique intersection of historical, spiritual, and personal impact differentiated Centura from competitors, who lacked the organization’s deep history and individualized commitment to holistic health. IP then designed and activated new brand assets, including new visual, verbal, and digital systems rolled out across the entire ecosystem.

    Centura's new brand fueled expanded market exposure, increased engagement, and delivered cohesion across teams and regions. As part of our on-going strategy work to further strengthen Centura’s brand, IP helped develop the annual Centura Health “Elevate” Leader Summit beginning in 2018, bringing together more than 600 leaders from across the company. The event helps drive home that Centura is mission-led, an original, and a career home to exceptional caregivers across the healthcare spectrum. Since its inception, IP and Centura have continued to partner to deliver Elevate, working side-by-side to shape and showcase Centura’s brand and business goals.