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    MNX Global Logistics

    Critical Logistics

    Worldwide HQ Long Beach, CA
    Regional HQ in Singapore, Amsterdam and Melbourne


    Brand Strategy
    Identity Design
    Web Design
    Print Collateral
    Tradeshow Graphics
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    MNX is the world’s largest, independent mission-critical logistics company, whose global customers include leaders in the biopharmaceutical, life sciences, high tech, medical device, aviation, entertainment and financial industries. A 50+ year old company formerly called Midnite Express, MNX specializes in time, temperature and security-sensitive transportation and logistics services worldwide.

    MNX came to IP after acquiring several other fourth-party logistics providers (4PLs), all of whom were converging under the MNX name. The consolidation presented a two-fold challenge: (1) How to unify the 4PL brands now joining the MNX network—NGL, LFS, and GlobalFirst—into one shared corporate identity with a comprehensive strategy; and (2) how to empower the global team’s expanded marketing efforts by developing a unique and defensible brand identity, position, and story.

    MNX needed to be understood not just as a logistics company, but a proprietary logistics platform (distinguished from 2PL or 3PL carriers) offering an array of incredibly complex services: the company specializes in secure delivery, storage, and fulfillment for items ranging from organs and live animals to jet engines and nuclear medicine—with transparent shipment tracking enabled by user portals and mobile applications. With MNX’s expanded reach due to its new acquisitions, its platform offered customers a peerless level of precision—and its rebrand needed to showcase its capability to handle situations so challenging that no other company would attempt.

    IP initiated a process of brand discovery, achieved through dozens of stakeholder interviews, as well as communication and competitive audits. Through this robust research, IP understood that all of the 4PLs under the MNX umbrella needed to be unified into one clearly defined platform and brand experience. This would clarify MNX’s difference from 2PL or 3PL carriers, and amplify awareness of the highly specialized and technical nature of their services. IP developed a brand position to celebrate MNX as the polished, sophisticated logistics leader they are: “MNX conquers chaos by creating precision logistics solutions for the customers we serve.” We then created strategically-aligned verbal and visual systems, including a sleek new logo and bold iconography library to solidify MNX’s position as a partner leveraging technology and innovation to “conquer chaos”—resolving dire and emergent situations with confident efficiency. IP activated the brand with a full website and portal redesign, all new templates, corporate identity package, and even on-brand livery and truck wraps.

    IP’s brand strategy and design work helped MNX to convey an untapped yet authentic customer story of achieving precision objectives through unique logistical products and services. Since then, MNX has grown organically into new markets, becoming a global leader in complex logistics. The company now integrates a global network of offices, subsidiaries and partners—including more than 2,400 partner agents and 20,000 couriers, across 190 countries—into one unified master brand.